Dealing With Ethical Dilemmas on Campus

ISBN 9780803954816
AUTHOR Whicker, Marcia L., Kronenfeld, Jennie J.

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"The ethical dilemmas they describe in the very realistic, sometimes grim, and probably true case studies show that such experiences can range from basic interpersonal conflicts to such major problems as sexual harassment or discovering faked research results on the part of a colleague. . . . This slim, readable, but useful volume describes the contentious, often disastrous environments that result from such situations and gives the reader much to think about." --Journal of Academic Librarianship Some academics do unethical things: lie on their vitae, fudge research grants, sexually harass students. Others have to grapple with unanswerable ethical questions: Who gets authorship credit for a paper? How much outside consulting is too much? What constitutes a conflict of interest in reviewing papers? This concise, practical guide provides concrete strategies for dealing with wrongdoing without damaging your own career or relationships. It also helps guide you through the fuzzy areas of academic ethics to avoid being accused of wrongdoing yourself. The useful strategies outlined in this volume will enable you to do the right thing, without negative consequences.Whicker, Marcia L. is the author of 'Dealing With Ethical Dilemmas on Campus' with ISBN 9780803954816 and ISBN 0803954816.

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