Business, Religion, and Spirituality A New Synthesis

ISBN 9780268021740
AUTHOR Williams, Oliver F.

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THE NEW EMPHASIS ON SPIRITUALITY in the workplace has been widely discussed in recent years and reported in major publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Fortune. Spirituality seems to be a basic human good essential for human flourishing. The contributors to this volume are all proponents of spirituality in the workplace, yet all raise important questions about this movement and what it means. What are the moral questions that should guide leaders? Is spirituality being treated as simply an instrumental good, valued for its usefulness in enhancing productivity and well-being? What are the responsibilities of business leaders? Of business schools and their faculty? Of churches? The essayists in this collection reflect on these and other pertinent questions. The common thread linking these authors is that all have distinguished themselves in their respective fields or professions and all wish to advance spirituality in business. Contributors to Business, Religion, and Spirituality providea sober, but positive, prognosis for this new growth in spirituality while offering direction for the future.Williams, Oliver F. is the author of 'Business, Religion, and Spirituality A New Synthesis' with ISBN 9780268021740 and ISBN 0268021740.

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