Logic of Life

ISBN 9781400066421
AUTHOR Harford, Tim

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Tim Harford is the author of the bestsellerThe Undercover EconomistandThe Logic of Lifeand a member of the editorial board of theFinancial Times,where he also writes the "Dear Economist" column. He is a regular contributor toSlate, Forbes,and NPR'sMarketplace. He was the host of the BBC TV seriesTrust Me, I'm an Economistand now presents the BBC seriesMore or Less. Harford has been an economist at the World Bank and an economics tutor at Oxford University. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters.Harford, Tim is the author of 'Logic of Life', published 2008 under ISBN 9781400066421 and ISBN 1400066425.

...rd argues that rational behavior is more widespread than expected in the larger population ... The Logic Of Life By Tim Harford | Used - Very Good ... ... . He uses economic principles to draw forth the rational elements of supposedly illogical behaviors to illustrate his point. Overwhelming gain paradox. The overwhelming gain ... Logic of Life is an initiative that unifies world-leading quantitative research in the life and life-inspired sciences in Switzerland with a bold aim: To identify the rules of life that drive emergence and self-organization at all biological scales, such as the appearance of variation, the formation of spatial patterns, the division of labour, and the creation of robustness. A book I wish I owned, The Logic of Life is a great follow up to The Undercover Economis ... The Logic of Life and Death | Tippy Gnu | Free Download ... . A book I wish I owned, The Logic of Life is a great follow up to The Undercover Economist, the author's previous effort. In this book, Tim Harford examines how rational choices make the world go round. Fascinating examples abound including how teenagers recently (and rationally) prefer oral sex to old fashioned sex after weighing the risks and benefits of each. And how the 2000 World Series of ... "The Logic of Life offers a fascinating discussion of the use of modern economic reasoning to explain humorous and serious aspects of everyday life. Harford shows, among many other things, that this logic explains why punishments deter crimes, why 'johns' have to pay more to prostitutes to get unprotected sex, and why divorce rates have risen but then stabilized after the...