Countering Development

ISBN 9780822341710
AUTHOR Gow, David D.

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"Amid abundant critiques of development, salutary and incisive as they may be, two countervailing patterns are disconcertingly persistent: dominant institutions continue to implement development programs according to their own top-down plans, and many subordinated peoples continue to 'desire' development even while harboring deep skepticism of top-down solutions. David D. Gow's study moves us beyond this impasse, showing how indigenous struggles have subverted dominant plans, not by rejecting development wholesale, but rather through pragmatic, militant struggle from within. His findings are sober yet profoundly hopeful for the transformative potential of grassroots indigenous politics and, equally important, for a rejuvenated anthropology that learns from these struggles by simultaneously taking part in them."-Charles R. Hale, Professor of Anthropology, University of Texas, AustinGow, David D. is the author of 'Countering Development', published 2008 under ISBN 9780822341710 and ISBN 0822341719.

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