How to Form a California Professional Corporation

ISBN 9780873379953
AUTHOR Mancuso, Anthony

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Bibliographical data In this comprehensive, recently updated book, Attorney Anthony Mancuso outlines the many reasons for a California professional to incorporate, including: - to avoid personal liability for the malpractice of other professionals in the practice- to provide oneself with tax-deductible corporate fringe benefits such as health, accident and disability insurance.- The ability to provide yourself with tax-deductible corporate fringe benefits such as health, accident and disability insurance; life insurance; and a medical reimbursement plan. "How to Form a California Professional Corporation contains everything you need to form a California professional corporation, including: - Forms--as tear-outs and on disk--and instructions necessary to organize your corporation including articles, bylaws and minutes- Full instructions on how to incorporate a new or existing professional practice- Special rules and regulations for each profession- Complete information on S Corporation tax status-Comprehensive tax, retirement-plan and corporate-law chaptersMancuso, Anthony is the author of 'How to Form a California Professional Corporation', published 2004 under ISBN 9780873379953 and ISBN 0873379950.

... a true, correct ... A California Professional Corporation is formed by filing Form ARTS-PC ... Form an Professional Corporation Online | MyCorporation® ... . Professional Corporation. While a Professional Corporation is similar to a regular Corporation, it differs in a number of ways: Only licensed professionals can form a Professional Corporation; It must be formed for the sole purpose of rendering professional services to a California Professional Corporation (Form CONV LLC-PC) as follows: Item Instruction Tips . 1. Enter the proposed name of the converted (new) corporation. California Professional Co ... PDF Instructions for Completing the Articles of ... - California ... . 1. Enter the proposed name of the converted (new) corporation. California Professional Corporation . exactly. as it is to appear name prior to submitting Form CONV LLC-Pon the records of the California Secretary of State. A California professional corporation may either be an S corporation or a C corporation, and is established to provide services in professions that require a state license in order to practice. Section 13401 of the California Corporations Code defines the services that embody professional services as those that include most healthcare professionals, including physical therapists and doctors. A California Professional Corporation corporate name must also conform with the name regulations of any applicable California Professinal licensing board. What do I have to do to Form a Professional Corporation in California? 8 things you have to do in order to Incorporate in California. 1. Choose a name for your California Professional Corporation In California, professional corporations are established under the Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act, California Corporations Code section 13400-13410. In California, professionals must form either a California professional corporation or a registered limited liability partnership. Unlike many other states, California does not allow professionals to form a limited liability company or ... The California Articles of Incorporation of a Professional Corporation | ARTS-PC will need to be submitted to the California Secretary of State, and approved, before lawfully conducting business in the State of California. Incorporators may choose to compose their own articles, however using a state approved document comes with the benefit of having the minimum required information already set ... Forms. Application for Issuance of Certificate of Registration as a Law Corporation; Attachment A-Use Attachment A to list shareholders, officers and directors of the law corporation and other attorneys, partnerships and law corporations with which the law corporation practices law. Attachment A must be completed and returned with the application. How to Form Your Own California Professional Corportation (How to Form a California Professional Corporation) by Anthony Mancuso; 1 edition; First published in 1987 Professional Corporations . Under the laws of most states, certain types of services can only be rendered by a corporation if it is a professional association (P.A.) or professional service corporation (P.C.). These include such professionals as attorneys, physicians, certified public accountants, veterinarians, architects, life insurance ... A professional corporation (PC) or professional limited liability company (PLLC) is a C corporation, S corporation or limited liability company (LLC) organized to provide professional services in industries that require a state license in order to practice. Some states have other names for professional corporations, such as a professional association (PA) or service corporation (SC)...